Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello hello!!!

I have had the great fortune of just getting to spend a little over a month in Europe, visiting family and my girlfriend! I am just getting back to the States now and have been getting organized for a variety of work projects.

First off, I was so happy and lucky to get selected to participate as an Emerging Designer for Phoenix Fashion Week which takes place in October. Needless to say, I am having to do a lot of work to get ready for this event! But there is some good news with all that work, I am going to have a bunch of new tshirts available very soon!!!

Otherwise, I have been trying to focus on setting up events for the holiday season in California that I am going to participate in for selling shirts and other merch. So far I have a show Nov. 3 in LA, organized by the Sassy City Chicks, Nov 13 in LA organized by the Thread Show, Dec. 4 in San Diego also organized by Thread Show. And one other show I am waiting to apply for is the Renegade Fair in LA Dec. 10-11.

Hope you are all doing well!!!


laura b. said...

I know by how much art turns up on my FB wall how productive you've been!
I hope your trip to Europe was full of good times and has left you with many good memories...maybe we will see evidence in your art :-)
Congrats on all you are achieving Sebastien!!!

Tara said...


Congratulations on the Phoenix Fashion Week opportunity!

leendadll said...

Please keep us posted about your shows. I WANT SHIRTS and the LA shows are close to me.

LOVE your work!

silly rabbit said...

Wow that's busy in a great and fun way! Very cool beans, Sebastien!

Lirun said...


Gary said...

It has been a year since your last update!!! Time to toss us a bone.

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