Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mas Dibujos

Hello hello! hope you are doing well :)

Lots of awesome news. I have two new shirts coming very soon. I am also signed up for a booth at Phoenix Comicon which is taking place at the end of May, and am gearing up with a lot of new stuff for April's First Friday.

I am in the midst of working with a friend of mine to build up a wholesaling branch (doesn't that sounds freakin' professional of me, haha).

I'm also trying to organize a trip to Europe to visit my family in France and my girlfriend in Germany. I'm thinking the best time for me to go will be in June, probably after comicon. My sis is in LA, so I'm thinking of doing the trip through LA so I can see my sis a bit as well, woohoo!

Here are my lastest drawings, I hope you enjoy!

Bunny Doesn't Take Shit From Anyone

Street Cred

Owlies on My Head

Sadness about the Tragedy in Japan

Alphabet Poster (available as a print soon!)

Stubborn Duck

"B" is for Burning (part of my alphabet misadventures series, B will be available in my etsy shop soon)

Basket Full of Baby Owlies!

Moon Bunnies Live on the Moon

Monster vs. Bunny

Kitty's Gift

Coke-Snorting Teacup Rabbit and His Teacup Alligator Friend

He's Very Rich (tshirt coming soon!)

Having Friends is Cool. (available at my etsy shop)

Wolfie says Children Taste Just Like Chicken (they really do)

Bunny Eats Carrots

Tazzie Informs the FBI

The Artist Draws Unicorn Bunnies

Lemur's New Gun


laura b. said...

Can't even imagine what it must be like to live in your head. Must be crowded. And scary. And funny. And awesome.

Zhu said...

I second that, you must have some pretty cool dreams (or some pretty cool drugs?!).

Me gustan los dibujos!

Europe is June is great... still cheap to fly and the weather is usually good.

Alan Smithee said...

Children taste like chicken.

MrManuel said...

Your stuff is so awesome. Any chance your alphabet series will be released as a book?

Sebastien Millon said...

Laura: The only problem is the rent is pretty high!

Zhu: Thanks so much! how have you been??!

Alan: Quite right sir, quite right ;)

MrManuel: Awww, man, thanks so much, I am hoping to get a book done in the coming year or so, but probably a collection of drawings. I'll see about the alphabet though, that is something I'll try and do as a book at some point :)

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