Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Drawings!

Hello hello, here are some of my more recent drawings from the last two weeks :) I am keeping busy, am currently working on a project for the Phoenix New Times and am going to start some large paintings soon.

Money Bunny

Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunny

Carrot-juggling Teacup Bunny on a Unicycle

Little Monkey (his name is Charlemagne)

Bunny Believes in Money

Bunny has a Black Rose for the Queen of Death

Drunky Bear and his Monkey Friend

Lucky Stuffed Bunny Rabbits Are Dangerous

Bunnies Take Floaty Shark for a Walk

Bunny Set Your Car on Fire

The Teacup Bunny Band

The Artist Draws Carrots for Bunny

An Elegant and Stylish Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunny

Lemur's Épée

Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Drawings!

Hello!! hello! Got a couple new things in my etsy shop, including some cuter things like a print of a bunny with a heart-making trumpet :) I will be updating with some more prints this coming week.

Otherwise, here are some of my latest drawins, woohoo!

Teacup Bunny with his Teacup Snake

Mouse Cake


Teacup Bunnies

Tea Party!

Coke-Snorting Teacup Rabbit

Truck Drivin' Bunny


The Artist and his Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunny Creations


More Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunnies

Hello Mr. Woodpecker

Demanding Bunny

Shark Week!!!