Monday, July 20, 2009

TV Shows and More Alphabetic Misadventures: K is for Kleptomaniac

Hello everyone! Today's letter is "K". I hope you learn a lot from this drawing. Actually, I know you will.

Have you guys seen the show Daisy of Love? It is so awful (meaning wonderful). Not quite as bad (meaning entrancing) as Flavor Flav's show, but still deliriously entertaining in the most ridiculous of ways. Daisy of Love forces me to ponder quite a few existential questions, like: what the hell is going on??? who is Daisy and why does she have her own show? can things get any slimier, more disturbing, more humiliating for these guys, who are chasing this plastic-y blonde on national tv? and who made the rule that plastic-y blondes were so desirable anyways?

One show that I'm really liking is called 16 and Pregnant. Fascinating... can't help but root for these young kiddos having to handle the responsibilities of raising a baby. Of course, some of those kids are so irresponsible, for example, husband-to-be Gary buys a Playstation 3 while on a very tight budget (as in, he won't have enough money to buy baby clothes if he buys this game system)... and then he buys his bride to be an engagement ring at Walmart for $20. Probably takes a lot of guts to try and pull that off on your wife-to-be :) I actually really like Gary's style (although his future in-laws are not fans).

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Alphabetic Misadventures: J is for Jigsaw

Today's drawing is based on the letter "J". I hope you don't get too sad and misty-eyed seeing a poor jaguar looking for his missing paw (cut off by a sneaky kid with a jigsaw). Please don't cry. He probably found his missing paw and had it stitched back on by an excellent surgeon who goes by the name Dr. Seagull (fancy that).

All's well that ends well.

And many thanks to the wonderful Crazy4Coens, she sent me an album of her son's band, Drinkin At Your Funeral. I am loving it!!! definitely check out their site. And she runs a great blog as well :)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today's Alphabetic Misadventure: I is for Illegitimate

Hello kiddos! Today's letter is "I". The creatures you see in this piece are not just 'bears', but ITALIAN BROWN BEARS. So these creatures do fall under the letter I, even though this would all be more clear and made more sense if I had just drawn iguanas. I didn't want to draw iguanas. So there.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another "C". C is For Cocaine

Sorry, I know this is cheating, but I did another letter "C" drawing.

I'd like you all to know that I am actually quite anti-drug, but I couldn't resist doing a little picture with a kid, a cat, and a bear (the bear having escaped from the letter B to get his fill of the cocaine!), and a mound of cocaine.

Otherwise, I'm thinking of doing other alphabets after this series of alphabet misadventures are done. One idea I have would be "The Aristocrat's Alphabet." For instance, "A" would be for afternoon tea. "B" would be for badminton. "H" would be for something like horse-back riding or jumping, whatever the typical aristocrats like to do. Featuring lots of silly kids and animals of course!

And if you guys get ideas let me know, whether it's for the current alphabet misadventures or other particular alphabet ideas!!! always love crazy ideas :)

"C is for Cocaine"

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Alphabetic Misadventures: C Is For Crash

Guess what guys??!! Today's letter is C, and it features a kid and two cats. And, um, an airplane crash. I guess cats don't make the best of pilots?

'C is for crash'

For letters 'A' and 'B' in this series, please check my previous post.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Coffee Bear Still Trying to Get a Handle on Properly Drinking His Coffee

Coffee bear has trouble drinking coffee. Here he can be seen with an upside down coffee cup on his head. HEY! That's not how you are supposed to drink your coffee!! your manners are deplorable, disgusting, and downright disturbing!!!

Sometimes coffee bear gets excited about his coffee and dunks his whole head into the coffee-filled cup. Mmmmmm, looks like a nice way to enjoy coffee... but once again, I have to say it doesn't seem like proper coffee-drinking etiquette.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

If You Think Hard Enough, You Can Make Yourself Float. And Make a Giraffe Appear!

Posted this on my facebook account a little while ago. Another drawing with floating kids!

And it really is true. If you think hard enough, I mean super focus 5000, you will be able to float. And even make a giraffe appear if you think about that hard enough, but the giraffe is like the icing on the cake! Floating is the be all end all in my eyes.

I'm going to work on more drawings with Giraffes :) Will also do some drawings of fire-breathing hummingbirds, an idea thought up by the most amazing Laura. Like I told her, add fire and flames to anything, and it is automatically one hundred times better!