Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Child's Memories

Back in the day, I knew a girl that owned a floating fire-breathing mini-horse! She was so lucky, and always so happy, because she traveled all over with this creature, to India and China, and even to school. You can see the evidence above... I was so jealous, but she was very nice, and let me ride the horse from time to time!

This next picture shows a wonderful memory of mine. We were on a bombing mission over Bloahdfahekd Land, with our drunken polar bear pilot at the controls. I was in charge of the lights, making sure we could see ahead. My neighbor (the one with the floating fire-breathing mini-horse) was in charge of dropping bombs. We were really good at blowing stuff up. I was so proud of our blowing stuff up skills.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

'Dog Connection' and Steven Seagal Movies

You know how some people say they feel so connected to their pet? Well, I can say the same thing, except I mean it literally. My dog and I are a dynamic duo, linked together through tubes and brain waves, we use our power to defeat evil (or create it, sometimes I forget what our mission statement specifies).

Otherwise, I am very excited, I have two Steven Seagal movies on tap from netflix. They are called 'Hard to Kill' and 'Out for Justice.' I haven't watched a classic bad movie in a long time, so I figured I could use a solid dose of Steven Seagal revenge style movies. These kind of movies are good for the soul.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'Making Stars' and Winsor McCay Images

In this little drawing, I revisit a theme that I thoroughly enjoy, star-making! Obviously star-making is a fantastic hobby, I fully encourage everyone to try it some time. Very good for the soul.

I picked up a great book from the library, which features some fascinating illustrations by Winsor McCay. McCay was the creator of the Little Nemo comics, which are beautifully drawn, but which I haven't had the opportunity of fully reading.

The two following images are in the book I picked up, I love 'em!

First up, Winsor McCay's drawing on the Black Death, fittingly titled "When Black Death Rode." I think it's absolutely fabulous (but not a very happy drawing, which I hope you can recognize on your own, haha)...

Next up is a McCay drawing that catalogues the evils and power of drug addiction. This one is called "The Monster- A Horrid Reality." Pretty vicious imagery, this piece looks very contemporary...

And who knew having a drug addiction could be so uncool. I'm going to have to strike out 'Start a drug addiction' from my to do list.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Magical Horse Fun

Hey y'all. Don't forget to put a big smile on your face and find a magical floating horse!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mini Fire Breathing Floating Bear!

You guys! You guys! I'm so excited. I was walking outside and I ran into this mini fire breathing floating bear! It was incredible. I have become fast friends with this creature. I can't believe how fascinating this mini fire breathing floating bear is, I would've never guessed such a creature could be so interesting.

Stories to come. I promise.

Oh, forgive the stars and circles in the top left of the picture, those are part of another sketch. It involves a little girl walking a floating helmet wearing dog. I swear to god.

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend! and I hope you are as lucky as me, and run into a mini fire breathing floating bear.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Misguided Arsonists?

This drawing in no way reflects my opinions or stance. Personally, I feel that the use of molotov cocktails to destroy cars, buildings, institutions, bird fountains, STOP signs, anything really, is not a good thing.

The two above characters are probably very misguided.

But at least they are having lots of fun.

To balance things out, let me throw in a happy stars drawing. Super happy star fun time...

PS. I might have to figure out a better way to draw molotov cocktails. Anyone has an idea, let me know :)

PS PS. I am really enjoying this book I got from the library: 'Exploitation Poster Art'

Some really silly, quirky imagery and titles. Here are some I really liked (hope I get to see the movies someday):

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I love my mom, she is wonderful, in oh so many ways! I'm thankful to have such an amazing family and wonderful people in my life. I know I could've never made it through the hardships in my life without my family's support and love, and for that, I am forever grateful.

I hope you all get to spend time with people you love as well this weekend!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Don't Play With Matches!

I know some of you have a serious problem because of your crazy love for fire.

Today's lesson is all about the dangers of fire, and the importance of not playing with matches. I am a bear, and although not as cool nor famous as Smoky the Bear, I still try and spread the word on the dangers of fire and playing with fire.

Unfortunately for me, my message is not always well received by little Sebastien.

So, remember everyone, don't play with fire. Even if your self-esteem needs a major boost and you think that lighting a match and burning a couple of cars with molotov cocktails will help you feel better... well, just don't do it.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Super Happy Starburst Fun Fun Time

The first car I owned was my favorite car I've ever owned. It was tiny, brown, had red hubcaps and white-walled tires. It even shot starbursts out of the exhaust, daaaayyyyuummm that was cool!

I was living in Japan at the time, and I didn't even know it, but I had been chosen to appear as a contestant on a Japanese game show. It was called 'Wow Wow Super Happy Fun In Your Earball Happy Time.' I didn't speak any Japanese, but no matter, when I was chosen to appear as a contestant for this show, I couldn't say no!

The premise of the show was pretty interesting and challenging. Each contestant was given 100 pounds of 5 drugs, namely heroin, morphine, cocaine, LSD, and marijuana. With these drugs, we were given a 3 hour window to sell them, we could choose any location we wanted, have friends or associates help us, plus use any method of transportation we wanted. Whoever made the most money off of selling these drugs in the 3 hour time window was the winner. The winner of what you might be asking?! Well, the winner of what this whole story is about, a little brown car with red hubcaps and white-walled tires and an exhaust that shot out starbursts of course!!!

You know how the show went, since I ended up with the car. I had made the most money off of selling the drugs I was given, and I was prouder than proud could be.

The sad thing about this story is that during the contest one of the other contestants was caught selling the drugs by an FBI agent working undercover in the Japanese prefecture of Ninomiya. Said contestant was promptly extradited to Abu Ghraib where he enjoyed several productive years, getting to take stretching classes, lessons in electricity, and fascinating lessons in agitated dog behavior.

Anyways, I ended up with the car, so that was cool.

Friday, May 01, 2009

When I Was a Boxing Bear

There was a period back in 80's when I boxed. I was the champion of all the land (in my mind at least). People were always down on my dream of becoming a champion bear, saying things like, "You are too old," or "You are too fat," or "I don't like you," or "Your teeth are so crooked it'd be great if you got punched in the mouth to straighten those suckers up" or "I hope you get knocked out because you deserve it for being such a terrible bear."

These things stuck with me, and fueled my fire. Fueling my fire was a good thing in many ways, as it was a cheap and affordable energy that I could use to not only heat my home but light my cigarettes.

People in the boxing business noticed my amazing skills, and dubbed me, "Great white bear who smokes a lot." I was truly flattered. And then I got flattened. Flattened by another bear, no less!

Gosh, the memories are just rushing back, searing my veins and bringing tears to my eyes... I want, I want to talk about this tragic fight, but the loss to this other bear, the memories still rumble through my brain and make me sink into the deepest of bear depressions.

The good thing about being a bear is that during these bouts of sadness I can go off and hibernate. Hibernating is very therapeutic, even for bears who are down and out on their luck!