Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lightning Bear T-shirts Now Available!

Yo peeps! I'm so excited. Just got these t-shirts printed of lightning bear. They are high quality silk screen prints on quality hanes t-shirts. Sizes I have are small, medium, large, and XL. If interested feel free to contact me at, or pick one up at my etsy shop. Prices are $18 plus $5 for shipping. I will also try and set up an etsy shop in the near future. Will be doing more shirts and hopefully get around to making some limited edition prints!

You totally need to subscribe to my site. Seriously.


Tara said...

Just sent you an email, I'd like a T-shirt, si vous plait!

Oh and I noticed you changed your header, I love the new look!

Ananda girl said...

The header is great! Tara is right about that. I can't do the shirt right now, but will soon. :-) He's perfect.

laura b. said...

Awesome. Of course I must have one. I hope they are still in stock next week after I get paid :-)

Sebastien Millon said...

Tara: Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy him. And thanks for supporting me and lightning bear :)

Ananda Girl: So glad you like it! Of course no worries about the shirt.

Laura: Yay!!! let's start a lightning bear club, where, uh, I'm not sure what we do. Maybe something with electricity?... I actually know nothing about electricity.