Thursday, December 17, 2009

Star Bear American Apparel T-Shirt

Guess what?! My Star Bear T-shirts are now available. Shirts are printed on black american apparel shirts, and are available in men's and women's sizes, small, medium, large, and XL.

I have them listed at my etsy shop, but if you want one and don't want to go through etsy just email me at

Trust me, you want star bear. He will change your life. For good or bad, I can't say. But I can guarantee he will change your life.


frenchyflower said...


Tara said...

I trust you, I do want Star Bear. And I want to believe he would make 2010 very happy for me an my family.

laura b. said...

Ready to be transmorgified!!!

crazy4coens said...

Cool Dude!

Sebastien Millon said...

Frenchy: Stars, stars, stars!

Tara: Yes, he will star it up!!!! woohoo, stars, stars, stars!

Laura: Haha, I can't wait :) I also sent you something involving fire bear ;)

Crazy4coens: Yes, finally a non-violent creature!