Friday, December 24, 2010

Update and Wishing You Happy Holidays!

Hi all! Sorry it's been such a long time since I've updated. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Here is a little update of sorts, kind of a mish-mash of my more recent drawings, hope you enjoy:

And I am working on getting my main site up, but I usually do update my facebook page with drawings frequently:

Exploring outerspace with Drunky Bear

Space Bunnies

Outerspace Rabbit

Kitty and his Eyeball Friend

Rocket Rabbit

Lucky Stuffed Bunny

Eyeball-Stealing Kitty

Radioactive Acorn

Death Raven

Wise Advice

The Squirrel Bop

Cat in the Hat

My Psychotic Knife-Wielding Pet Lemur

Happy times: Lemur and his Liquor

I'm Made of Light

Demonic Kitties Worship the Heart of Darkness

Mr. Werewolf vs. Psychotic Knife-Wielding Lemur

Living in a Trashcan with my Raccoon Friend

I'm Harry Fuckin' Potter

Drunky Aviator Bear Pilots a Floaty Whale

Death Raven!

Owlie is Seriously Disturbed

Come Visit Phoenix!

Bunny with his Heart Trumpet

Knife-Wielding Lemur

Owlie's Present

Teacup Bunnies

Heart Bunnies

The Dancing Teacup Bunny

Teacup Bunny

Drinkin' wit da birdies

Bunny just realized he's a Nazi.

The unconsummated magic act


Pat Caza said...

Yeah, je suis content d'avoir de tes nouvelles
de la paix, de l'amour et de la santé à toi et les tiens
Joyeux Noël, Sébastien

laura b. said...

All of your latest work is just amazing, Sebastien. Love seeing it on FB.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a wonderful 2011!

Con Artist Trickster said...

Nice pictures. Just the right amount of cuteness and savagery.

Anonymous said...

Peace, love and rabbits for the new year!

MrManuel said...

I am continually amazed at how awesome your stuff is, Seb. Great stuff! Here's to a great 2011.

harada57 said...
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