Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Drawings!

Hello hello, here are some of my more recent drawings from the last two weeks :) I am keeping busy, am currently working on a project for the Phoenix New Times and am going to start some large paintings soon.

Money Bunny

Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunny

Carrot-juggling Teacup Bunny on a Unicycle

Little Monkey (his name is Charlemagne)

Bunny Believes in Money

Bunny has a Black Rose for the Queen of Death

Drunky Bear and his Monkey Friend

Lucky Stuffed Bunny Rabbits Are Dangerous

Bunnies Take Floaty Shark for a Walk

Bunny Set Your Car on Fire

The Teacup Bunny Band

The Artist Draws Carrots for Bunny

An Elegant and Stylish Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunny

Lemur's Épée


MrManuel said...

Working for a magazine/newspaper now? Man, you are really taking off! Good job!

laura b. said...

Seems like everytime I look at my FB feed, you have another drawing up! I love them, each and every one.
I felt like I hadn't seen Bear in awhile, so it was nice to see him again :-)

Tara said...

These are awesome, Sebastien! I always love the little details you put into your drawings, like Charlemagne's little crown. :)

Anita H-M said...

Hi Seb
I finally looked at your blog and all your wonderful characters! I am certain you will be famous! It's all wonderful.
Anita H-M, la mere du Rob et Mark

harada57 said...
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