Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Huge Update

Hello Hello! I have been very busy, so there are going to be lots of drawings in this update.

Otherwise, I have been doing well, just keeping busy with work. I've been doing some events here and there which has been fun. Recently discovered a dog park near my house, so I've been bringing Rambo there, really fun, the people are nice and it is just a great atmosphere.

Hope you are all doing well!

Je Mange Les Petits Enfants

Ring Around the Guillotine

Carnivorous Cyclopean Bunny

Life Insurance

Kitty has Sharp Claws

Basketfull of Baby Bunnies

Drunky Bear and Drunky Bear Jr.

El Conejo de la Muerte

Trex is doing better

Drunky Bear is Very Concerned

Multiple Owlie Personalities

Kitty Sleeping on My Head

Wolfie Says Children Taste Like Chicken

Solar-powered Rabbit

Owlie Loves a Fat Beat

Death Raven's a Pessimist

E is for Electrocute

Cloud of Hate

Prediction Cat

Bunny in a Sea of Carrots

Draw me a carrot, bitch

Owlie Awesomeness

Lion Ate Your Face

Crack Rabbit

Chillin' with the Owlies

Duck Therapy

Francois and I Go Hunting for Rabbits

D is for Dynamite

C is for Cocaine


MrManuel said...

El Conejo de la Muerte is awesome!

laura b. said...

Wow! This is a big update! I try to catch all your stuff as it appears on FB, but there are some I've missed.
This is such an amazing creative time for you, Sebastien. It must feel great :-)

NoRegrets said...

All great! What about zombie bunnies?

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