Sunday, July 30, 2006

CARTOONS! What's your favorite???

Cycling through various ways of keeping myself entertained, I've recently been checking out tons of old-school cartoons on Youtube. There's some cool looking stuff, like really old Mickey Mouse cartoons, Tex Avery classics, various Chuck Jones shorts, including one of my favorites, Duck Amuck. And I have to mention the greatest modern cartoon that I've discovered on the Cartoon Network, Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends. My favorite character is Bloo, a totally self-infatuated, grandiose, and hilarious blue blob. My girlfriend likes to tease me, laughing in my face as she tells me that I love Bloo so much because my personality is a mirror image of his own. God I hate her. The show has tons of pop culture references, postmodern wackiness, a crazy cast of characters, and catchy theme music. The animation is very simple but so effective. I've always loved comics, but my art(that I wish I could making at this very moment!) tends to be tight, highly detailed realism. Since making my art pieces tends to be so intense, I'm hoping that in my recovery I might be able to find enough energy and focus to start working or developing a comic.

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