Sunday, July 30, 2006

Things are good when...

You can find images of awesome paintings on the internet by artists like Lucian Freud. Who knew painting large, fat people could be so lucrative?

Why is Freud such an important painter? Because he's a crazy talent, he stripped figure painting to its bare bones, and most importantly in my eyes the psychological aspect of his artwork. There's nothing I enjoy more than that feeling of something being off-kilter within a painting, something dark and frightening hidden just beneath the surface. In a sense Freud is everybody's favorite painter, he's raw, he's impressionistic, but as much as he sometimes seems to be the flavor of the month, there is a substance to the work that makes it worth while to study. He was also commissioned by Queen Elizabeth to do her portrait, she was pissed with the result, how stupid could you be, Freud isn't going to make you look beautiful, especially when he doesn't have much to work with. Just look at his portrait of notorious cokester Kate Moss.

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