Monday, July 31, 2006

When I get tired, I occupy my time with the sports world...

The afternoon is usually when I'm the most tired. I generally lay back on the couch and watch a slew of sports shows. When I was younger I was into the NBA, baseball, even football. Well, I guess this illness has given me a chance to get back into that, and you know what, even though the athletes tend to be doped up babies, it's still interesting enough to keep my attention. Lebron James in the playoffs vs. the Wizards, great series, the World Cup, amazing, unfortunately my country didn't win(France), and now baseball season with football season coming up fast. PTI is a great sports show, and Around the Horn isn't half bad. And what is up with New York Yankees fans, they need to give A-Rod a break. And probably the most disappointing story of the year for me was the doping scandals that took over the Tour de France. I hate to say it, but it seems Floyd Landis was too great of a story to be true.

But if it came down to it, I'd have to take Spongebob over sports.

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