Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Tshirts for Sale!

Hello one and all! I have a bunch of new shirts (see pics below) at my etsy shop. Yay! I am proud to say that Lightning Bear now comes on a black shirt, and there is a shirt with a happy French bear that eats children, hehe...

If you are interested in a shirt and don't want to go through etsy, feel free to go through me, my email is Price per shirt is $18, shipping is $5 (plus $2 for each shirt after the 1st one). There is a discount if you buy multiple shirts through me, buy 2 shirts the 3rd is half-off.

Lightning Bear on Black Tshirt

Je Mange Les Petits Enfants on Graphite Tshirt

Floating Fun Tshirt, multiple versions available

(German Shepherd in bottom left of last picture is not included)


frenchyflower said...

I want you to send me Rambo! hehe :o) on another note, I love the lightning bear in black--very cool effect.

Tara said...

I love how Rambo is helping you promote your T-shirts. Well done, Rambo! Well done.

Anonymous said...

I want a Rambo T Shirt! ;o) So whats the chances of this Brit getting her hands on one of your t-shirts? Do you accept GBP? (Great British Pound! ;o) How does one convert?

Sebastien Millon said...

Frenchy: Rambo is a very desirable commodity! thanks, lightning bear is waiting for you :)

Tara: I know, Rambo is my right hand man, err dog.

Daffy: Haha! Hiya daffy, hmmm, do you use paypal? I think that's a good service that automatically payments into certain currency.

laura b. said...

Ima check in with you next week after payday and see whats still in stock :-) Your shirts are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

The "je mange les petits enfants" is awesome!

Okay, same here. Paycheck day is soon and I'll think of you, promise.

(Does the guy wearing the teshirts come with the teeshirt? Cause shipping is pretty cheap. Must be a light weight then.)

Sebastien Millon said...

Laura: Sweeeet! Thanks so much for the kind words, I appreciate it!

Zhu: Yay! thanks as well for the kind words Zhu!! hmm, guy doesn't come with it but the German Shepherd might??