Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What am I displeased about?

It pains me to say this, it burns the inside of my stomach to admit it, it even brings tears to my eyes.

Dare I say, nothing has really displeased me lately. I mean, other than my illness. So pretty much nothing has been a displeasure: the wasps are gone from my backyard; there haven't been any snakes or scorpions around; no one has made any egregious driving errors in front of me(of course I haven't been out much); no one has insulted me to my face or looked at me in a way I didn't like(once again, I'm not getting out much, but hey, it still counts); I haven't seen any terrible movies(again, haven't been watching any); the tv shows I've been watching have been rock solid in their quality(well, that is a lie, but it's been enjoyable); the weather is cooling down here finally, so my ridiculous sense of hibernation will hopefully be alleviated, at least to a certain degree.

That is why I include this picture with the bear catching a trout. Apt imagery, hopefully paralleling and foreshadowing my rise out of hibernation into a lean, mean trout hunting machine.


Anomie-Atlanta said...

I was stung on my left leg by at least 5 insects over the weekend. I think all of the wasps have relocated from your yard to my parents house.

Sebastien Millon said...

I'm sorry!!! Why can't insects just abide by the common knowledge law, do not mess with those bigger than you. Life would be much easier.