Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Got some good tv viewing under my belt

First off, I keep coming across this show, Flavor of Love. Now, I love Flavor Flav, I mean, I enjoyed the music he made back in the good old days. But what is this show about? Is this not one of the most misognyistic shows ever? I keep catching this thing at the end, and it seems so stupidly bad, but there's a tiny part of me that keeps begging for more and enjoys not knowing what this train wreck is about. And can you believe that one girl was a porn star, no, seriously, she was a porn star. Well I think that's coooooollll. This show gets upgraded in my book for the random, unwarranted, backstabbing bitchiness that takes place.

Secondly, two thumbs up for all the shows on tv about the mafia, gangsters, MS13, Alcatraz, and various top security federal penitentiaries. Who knew I could learn so much, so quickly, about things I never wanted to know about. I think I've had my fill of murder for the week. Thanks to all those top flight learning channels on tv, gangsters are now on my to fear list.

I like this show.

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