Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why is channel 52 so awesome?

Because it is the E channel... A channel full of entertainment, celebrities, filled with all sorts of magical, delirious, mad-cap adventures and wacky celeb beefs and sex and and backstabbing and intrigue and crime. I LOVE IT! Quite frankly, I didn't even know reality could stretch that far, until I started watching E.

So last night there was a show on this channel, all about celebrities and people who try to extort them for money. A show like this, well, I refer to it as Grade A entertainment, pure uncut glee and phantasmagoric explosions of unbelievable hilarity and naughtiness. Moreover, I learned a slew of valuable lessons. The main lesson I learned was, be careful when you make sex videos. You got a decent chance that's gonna get out one way or another. It's obvious, but I'm just saying.

I didn't make it through the whole show unfortunately. It mostly revolved around some person having lewd pictures or sex tapes of some celebrity(you'd be amazed at the variety of ways the criminals came up with such tapes or pics, sometimes it's even your husband who has a sex tape and extorts you!!!!). The best was seeing Joe Francis(the guy who does Girls Gone Wild) get humiliated in his extortion case. That guy is a slimeball so I don't feel too much shame in seeing him embarrassed.

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Anonymous said...

all i can say is, welcome to the other side! i love E!, it's just full of distracting and intriguing and informative shows