Saturday, February 24, 2007

Help Safeguard the Web for Children

I've been tagged by my buddy, Saboma, who makes her home over at Maryannaville.

So, this post is about spreading the word to help make adult-content sites more difficult for children to access. It's not an anti-porn crusade (I know all you LA city dwellers are breathing a sigh of relief at that, haha). This campaign is about making pornography more difficult for children to access. Here's the basic message, not written by me:

"Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information."

Feel free to spread the word on your own site. For more information, check out Blogger Power's website. They have a lot of interesting and pertinent information on this subject.


Becky said...

this is excellent and worthy of everyone's time. as the mother of two young boys, i am a complete advocate of any avenue that makes an effort of preventing children from accessing sites with adult content.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sabastien. It is noteworthy and the cause that is an investment of our future.

I could get into it more deeply yet keeping it simple is the better way.

*Hugs, Fella*

ps - I'm a girlykins, teehee!

Sebastien Millon said...

Good for me: Yeah, it is a worthy cause, I hope they will be able to get something done about it, it really is crazy that kids can come across adult content so easily.

Saboma: Thank you for writing about it, I'm glad I learned about this and was able to do a little something! Sorry about the mistake by they way!

WAT said...

It is astonishing to think how much porn kids can be exposed to on the Internet. Frankly, I'm kind of glad I grew up at a time when the only way you could see these kinds of thangs was thru someone's stash.

I cannot imagine nowadays, with cyberspace literally being littered with hardcore shit all over! Kids must really see some horrible hardcore traumatizing crap! Hell, I often get repulsed by some stuff out there, I can't imagine a child!

But hey, I'm an adult now and can handle it. Sometimes I handle porn all too well. ;)

Sebastien Millon said...

Hahaha, love that last line buddy!

Yeah, it is really crazy when you think of all the stuff out there and the stuff these children might be coming across... Makes me shudder.

Anonymous said...

In Australia this hasn't become a huge issue yet, it's here, yes, but we've had more issues in the news with online pedophiles in chat rooms.

I think the essential message that should also be put out there is that parents need to monitor their children's internet usage. If a parent decides to give this responsibility to governments, then there'll be other issues, other things will be censored, and govts will say 'you told us to, for your kids.' It's a double edged sword, but a parent can control what their kids see on the net.

I'm a parent myself, and yes, I do write adult fiction, but there isn't a moment in they where my child is dumped on the Internet without supervision. It's my responsibility as a parent to enforce that, not a government's or an organization (that will request governmental intervention/legislation). A kid accesses porn because there's no supervision.

I don't know of any Internet cafes here in Sydney, where I live, that even bother requesting proof of age Identification to prevent minors accessing porn sites, but they can filter adult content. But on the homefront, I do believe it's a parent's responsibility, and when parents whine and complain, I think they're wussing out on that part of the deal. If a kid, under the legal age, tries to watch porn, then it can be confiscated/disconnected.

Sebastien Millon said...

Those are really good points. Ultimately, it really is the parents' responsibility. It is dangerous when we put too much power in the government's hands, especially with privacy stuff like this...

But, I don't think it's a bad idea to curtail those free tours for porn sites, or at least make them more difficult to access.