Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Google Searches

This stuff is just too entertaining. I can't resist the lure, I know I shouldn't, it's just too easy...

Plus writing about these weird searches only encourages more crazy searches, haha!

Anyways, here are some of the latest google searches that have led people to this site.

'bike mouvies'- I get way too many of these mouvies searches. Every single person that misspells movies with that extra u ends up here. Ridiculous.

't'- People search this letter and end up here. Gotten a lot of these ones. Makes sense I guess, I did a whole post on the letter X and I can't remember, but I think I talked about the letter T too. Funny thing is, I never get any letter X searches. I guess T is way sexier than the letter X.

'i keep falling out of bed' and also 'cause falling out of bed'- Get rid of the frame, put your mattress on the floor. Voila! I did it for a good long time, it's really quite nice and saves a lot of space.

'WAT THEY EAT DUCKBILL'- That's just psychedelic awesomeness right there.

'calvin humping hobbes'- See, I go through life thinking I'm cognizant of how crazy human beings really are, and then I get a search like this that totally proves me wrong. Thanks, now I gotta reevaluate my whole perspective of humanity.

'alligator under the bed sparky'- Like I said before, just sleep on your mattress, get rid of the bed frame. Alligators love dark enclosed areas. Just like scorpions. Get rid of the places they can hide.

'www. favorit fire breathing dragon sex.com'- Good job! You make the 'calvin humping hobbes' search seem almost normal.

'I am the walrus you like to eat'- Nice.

'big bird and drug commercial'- I was so interested I tried looking this up to see if I could find if such a thing existed. No luck. We all know Big Bird is a big fat stoner.

'I think things are happening but not sure'- Something is happening. You are insane. Sorry, I never like being the bearer of bad news.

'i keep thinking of weird sick things'- Congrats! You're either an artist or a serial killer.

'duckbill platypus chicago'- The platypuses have already conquered Chicago!? We're so screwed. Hope my friends made it out alive.

'fight dogs mouvies'- Too many of these...

'what are the physical aspects of an ourang outang'- They're like platypuses, only worse.

'do german shepherds feel cool'- They do. And they don't even need shades to be cool.

'how to get $500,000,000'- Steal it. Duh.


JM said...

I've been keeping track of the odd ones, and one of these days I was gonna' do a post about it too. Usually, I can figure out how the flawed logic that caused the hit, but the search for "boy butts that poop" still has me scratching my head.

Lauren Brazeal said...

ha ha. love them google searches!

MrManuel said...

Hey, I was going to do this today! Guess I will wait until next week as you beat me to it.

You have some sick people coming to your site. Are you sure your site is family friendly?!?! Love all the "mouvies" searches. I get a lot of people coming to my site searching for "PS3 owners manuel." I talk about my PS3 alot and my name is Manuel, but I think they want the PS3 ownders manuAl. With an A. Figures though. People spell my name the wrong way all the time too.

cooltopten said...

ahhhh the freaks of the world wide web , we love em all,Even there wierd searches.

Nikki Neurotic said...

I've been getting a lot of searches for "The Lottery" lately.

Sebastien Millon said...

JM: Haha, that's a 'great' one, disturbing, but funny!

Lauren: They're marvelously addicting!

Mrmanuel: Don't let me keep you from doing it, last time you did that post it was hilarious! Yeah, I wonder about my readers or my content at least, not very kid oriented. Demented really.

Cooltopten: Tis true. We do love em! Makes the net hilarious.

Silverneurotic: Haha, I better write about it myself, I gotta couple things to say.

Anonymous said...

Google search terms are an eye opener for me, sometimes I want to shut my eyes; i can't believe the things people search for....

I don't know what a mouvie is..and I have to admit, now I'm curious :D

Sebastien Millon said...

Yes, google searches, it's like I want to know but at the same time I don't. I'm sure you get some crazy ones!

Mouvie, yeah, it's a new artform I think :)