Friday, September 08, 2006

Kitlers. A new disturbing trend...

Brought to my attention from the blog Random Speak, I have learned of a frightening development that is taking the cat world by storm. The trend is fascism. The fascist kitties are frothing at the mouth, brimming with a vile hatred never seen before in the kitty world. Tuna is not enough in our quest for appeasement. It seems that a reckoning will take place, the ultimate of ultimate fights, a modern day gotterdammerung.

Please be kind enough to witness the evidence.


BeckoningChasm said...

rhdqbmkI wish I could say otherwise, with no hesitation, but cats are evil. They use us for their sport and then digard us.

Um wait. She's in the room now. Oh damn it. Oh no.

*Whew* She only wanted to destroy my toothpaste. Oh GOD what a relief! Assemble the kids, this is daylight!

Stratoblogster said...

Your blog just keeps getting better!!
Have you been to ?

ck this link:

Sebastien Millon said...

Beckoningchasm... I think cats are so sweet, but they do have a touch of evilness. I don't actually own a cat, so maybe they are even as evil as you claim. More power to them, but maybe evilness is not such a godawful character trait, it tends to be very very entertaining!!!!

Stratocat...Thanks for the compliment! And I LOVE that link. There is nothing more fun than transmogrified animals. I'm a particular fan of the wolf-sparrow. The croco-duck is also quite a fascinating creature. And the croco-frog too!

LeperColony said...

Haha. Kitlers are funny in a terrifying sort of way.