Thursday, October 12, 2006

One of My Favorite Songs Plus Temporary Elation About My Health

I felt quite good today, I'm really starting to believe I'm going to get better! There've been times with this illness that my getting better felt impossible, my body just always felt wrong, weak, headachy, lifeless, and painful. I'm finally getting some of my crazy energy back at times, albeit briefly, and at least my mind is working better(no snide remarks on this please!) and doesn't feel like a sludge ball as much. I know it's going to take a while, and a couple of good days are always buttressed by difficult weeks of headaches and fatigue. I just feel so elated, I finally truly believe I'm going to be better! I'm going to bust out the crack pipe the minute I'm really better, and get soooooo high!!! But seriously, maybe I will.

This is one of my favorite songs! Guided by Voices' Official Iromen Rally Song


Stratoblogster said...

Glad you're feeling better!!!

Do you like Lisa Nova's youtube vids?? I can't wait for her to cover Rachel Ray.

Sebastien Millon said...

Stratocat: I haven't seen her videos. I'll go check them out.

Anomie: Thanks!!

Jayne d'Arcy said...

Everyday that you feel good is great.

Anonymous said...

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Pace yourself and ease back into things gradually. The road to recovery starts in your mind so keep that positive energy flowing.

Anonymous said...

I better be around when this busting out of the crack pipe business happens =) we can get high together =)

Sebastien Millon said...

Yeah, everyday you feel good is a gift! I know I still have a long ways, but it's nice having days where I feel closer to normal, in terms of not having headaches or feeling weird, I just know I'm improving, super slowly. Having days like that makes it easier to go through the difficult periods!

Payal! I will make sure you are around.

WAT said...

Aw yes, it reminds of me of my slow but eventual recovery from terrible anxiety disorder back in 2000-2001. It will happen bud. Take care of your body. You will come out of this a much stronger and sensitive soul with a greater perspective for life than most around you.

You will know what I mean. I so identify with you already.

Read this when u get the chance:

M said...

Cool song, thanks for introducing me to it. And it's super to hear you're feeling better. I'm sure it's partly thanks to your upbeatness.

Sebastien Millon said...

WAT: Thank you so much for your words, and thank you for pointing me to your struggles. I left a comment over at the post. I know once I'm through this thing, however and whenever, I will be deliriously happy and you are right, so much stronger as a person.

Marianna: Glad you like that song! As for my upbeatness, hehe, it just so happens I did a bit of complaining in my latest post. Ooops!!1 Haha, well we must all vent sometimes right?!