Thursday, October 05, 2006

Simpsons en Espanol,the Digable Planets in English, and Theo Jansen

Mira este video de los Simpsons, es uno de mis favoritos. Es la primera vez que miro los Simpsons en una otra lengua que ingles. Me gusta!!! Hay otros Simpsons en espanol a youtube. Tambien quiero descubrir videos de los Simpsons en frances!

Back to English. Here's a song by the Digable Planets that I ran across on youtube. I've never seen it before, I really like the way it's shot, and the song is just great.

Norwoodmatt posted a great video at his blog. It's actually a BMW commercial featuring a kinetic sculpture by Theo Jansen. Very impressive. I found some photos of his work at this site.

Notes: I'm not even going to get into how I've been feeling this past week, but it's been rough :(


Stratoblogster said...

Glad you and NorwoodMatt hooked up!
You both are the whack of blogospherism! I think that's good!

Sebastien Millon said...

Haha! Cool

Unknown said...

Sebastien, this blogging business is high security i see hehehe... what with comment moderation being enabled and all and comments being approved by the author and alll =) I love the blog it is soo funny =) whats been going on with the crazy rabbits and have there been any new snakes around? =) i'm going to try calling you today =)

Sebastien Millon said...

Norwoodmatt: We sure have!!! Thanks to the Stratocat for connecting us through the blogosphere!

Payal!!!! Haha I know, I run this thing like the secret service. Thanks for the compliment.

Those rabbits just keep multiplying, seriously it really is like that movie Curse of the Wererabbit! No more snakes thankfully! Look forward to talking!!!!

WAT said...

Where'd you learn your Spanish? It's quite good. My two favorite languages other than English are español and French.

Español due to having been brought up by Hispanic parents, and French as a high school subject.

¡Vivan Los Simpsons!

Sebastien Millon said...

Thank you WAT! I took Spanish in HS, and lucky enough got to spend a couple weeks in Spain. On my better days I try and read a bit in Spanish, I'm trying to improve!!! It's such a beautiful language.

How cool is that, we know the same three languages, only difference is that instead of Spanish my first language was French!!!