Sunday, September 24, 2006

Learning about random things

My life long goal of learning as many random things as I can in one week is coming to fruition, and I'm not even trying. It's all because I haven't felt well and have gotten insane amount of tv and youtube time this past week.

Fun random things I've seen and learned:
  • Location: Florida Everglades. A huge snake eats an alligator. As he is digesting this meal another alligator promptly joins the scene and kills the snake(damn, you'd think the snake would at least be given a moment to celebrate!). Eaten alligator(now dead) slowly floats out of the dead snake(a scene I would characterize as utterly mesmerizing). Fact I learned: Snakes can eat alligators. Honestly... I'm pretty frustrated that I could have gone through 24 years of my life without knowing this, chalk it up as another black mark against our failing education system.
  • Lots of Simpsons episodes. I love that episode where Lisa creates a miniature world, let's see, all I need is a tooth, coca cola, and some static elecricity.
  • Random medical facts from Grey's Anatomy. Yup, watching this show is how I'm going to study for the MCATs and end up taking over the world. You are probably now asking yourself if I'm on crack. The answer would be yes.
  • The military channel taught me that war is good. Repeat after me, WAR IS GOOD. I also learned about our awesome arsenal of weapons. What this taught me is that if your country has sweet weaponary, war is even better.
  • I learned about Mars, and a little bit about Jupiter. Mars, ahhhh, what a kickass planet. The show I saw was very efficacious, due to its content I now think Mars is the best planet ever. That's right, Earth is just getting trashed anyhow, so sayonara, I'm going to Mars. I do need someone to come with me and help me melt the ice caps there. I also need some generous funding, because equipment and the like will run into the billions. Thanks in advance.
  • I learned Bill Clinton can get angry, and has the ability to make a Fox News reporter look, how should I put this... Well, I'm sure you can judge for yourself.
  • HUGO CHAVEZ! This guy is hilarious. He calls Bush the devil, and rails against the US(I mean, he has a right to be angry, didn't we try to lead a coup there amongst other things). He also includes references to Alfred Hitchcock and Noam Chomsky(damn that Chomsky, always making us feel guilty about being capitalist piggy-wiggies). After Chavez's devil comments, I have to assume subtlety is not one of his strengths. So.... I guess that's a good thing, because subtlety is for wussy intellectuals and for countries that don't have enough military might to back up incendiary rhetoric.
  • Incendiary rhetoric... That gets me thinking about Ahmadinejad. He was visiting the US wasn't he? There's something ironic and quite twisted in the fact that we attacked the wrong country(Iraq) and now find ourselves with our hands tied because of that endeavour while Iran happily makes its way to nuclear weapons power. We should have asked the Iranian people to pay for this war in Iraq, because they've reaped all the benefits. Lucky duckys.


WAT said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog!

I can sympathize with your little battle lately, for years I've dealt with anxiety disorder and I know how awful it can be to be so ill and young at the same time.

Keep your head up and be strong. You'll come through the this and other trials.

Clinton getting angry. DAMN FINE TELEVISION if ya ask me.

Sebastien Millon said...

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I appreciate it.