Friday, November 03, 2006

5 Things That I Pass the Time With

  • Playing my harmonica, although I technically have no idea what I'm doing, it's soooo relaxing. For those of you that know me personally, it's probably pretty funny picturing me playing a harmonica! I just imagine that I'm like Charles Bronson in Once Upon a Time in the West, he's very cool playing that harmonica. Then he systematically blows people away. Come on, harmonica plus crazy gunfights, tack that up there as another combination you just gotta love.
  • I started a new book by Balzac, only this one is one super piggy wiggy of a book, 700 pages with small type. All I can say is this, it had better be good, or else I'm going to hunt that writer down and beat the crap out of him for wasting my time. Ohhh, but you say he's dead, do you? No problem. Did I mention that I CAN see dead people (I also can see monsters and ghosts and flying rabbits), so if his book disappoints, I WILL be able to track him down and lay a proper beatdown down.
  • In my better moments I'm able to draw little whimsical cartoony things. It is immensely fun and really works my imagination. It tends to exhaust me, and I can't get too detailed. I do it when I feel up to it, and fortunately, this is more often than before!
  • Watching NBA Basketball and the NFL on tv. I remember my highschool days, how I wished I could watch football on Sundays, but I always had a million school things to do that would prevent me from enjoying some thrilling NFL violence. Since I've been sick I've been afforded the opportunity to fill my heart's desires with NFL football, sure, being so sick is a high price to pay to be able to watch football... but hey, at least I'm getting something out of this illness, right? Same goes for the NBA, at least I have something to pass the time with, something that fascinates me in some inexplicable magical way. Sports make no sense, and yet, they do... Go figure.
  • I love thinking about all the plans, goals, and various things I want to do when I'm better. Imagining being better is probably the key to actually being better. And having a lot of things to do when you're better serves as greater motivation to recover! Since my mind is feeling better, I can finally think about all the things I want to paint and draw, and things I want to do. I guess that's all very vague, but you know, I can't tell you all my secrets!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you obviously use your spare time MUCH more constructively than I do. My answers would have been computer, computer, computer, computer and computer. ;)

Anonymous said...


1. bury squirrels alive
2. soak my feet in jello
3. drool while I blog
4. poke holes in theories
5. never sleep

Sebastien Millon said...

Nicole: Yeah, well it's hard though, I wish I could actually be doing a lot more. Hopefully whenever I'm better I'll be granted the opportunity. And I'm sure you do constructive stuff on the computer :)

DB: Drooling is one of those habits that is truly underestimated. But burying squirrels alive, now that is a little too Dahmerish for me.