Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick Thoughts on Walk the Line, and I Need Advice for Making T-Shirts and a Website

I Forgot
I forgot last night was the season opener for the NBA, and fortunately I missed it because the Phoenix Suns got picked apart by the Lakers. No sense drowning myself in alcohol and pills over this thing... Actually, it's really not a bad excuse to do some careless womanizing and mind blowing drugs. That creak you heard was me popping open my desk drawer where... Actually I can't tell you about that, since the government is watching me, don't want them hitting up my door in 20 minutes with their flashy badges, super sharp suits, fancy sunglass wearing, frowny looking faces. Not to mention the fact that they have guns... Cooooooollll, I love gun play...

Walk the Line
I did watch a movie I'd been meaning to see for a long time, Walk the Line, which was quite good, but you know, the stuff with all the drugs and everything, it was kinda sad to me, but it's good to know in the grand scheme of things everything turned out pretty ok for Johnny Cash. His music is really unbelievable, he's one of the few singers whose songs I can truly feel, they're very powerful. I'd like to see a movie made about him that spans a greater part of his career, something with a little more arc to it.

I did like Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash, thought he did a good job, takes some dedication to try and sing like Johnny Cash for a movie. I love that scar he has above his lip, don't know how he got it but I think it's pretty cool. I got this feeling he's probably a very intense person in real life.

Johnny Cash Singing 'Ring of Fire'

Can Anyone Give me Advice on Making a Website and T-Shirts
So, now that I've been starting to feel better I've been thinking about a couple of things I'd like to do. First major thing I need to do is set up a website for my art. Does anybody have any recommendations on the best way to get this done, I have a friend who's willing to do it, and not for much money, but I'm not sure he's very good at the design aspect. Also, once you have someone set up a site, is it easy to do your own updates, instead of having someone else do it for you? I already have the domain and everything, all I need is to set something up.

As for the t-shirts, I was thinking it'd be fun to make shirts with little monster characters. A good way of going about it seems something like this site, Printmojo, but I've never done anything like this, so if anyone has any advice on this let me know. The quality of the shirts is important to me. So, I don't know if I should get shirts printed locally or through the internet...


Stratoblogster said...

To me, Walk the Line was similar to "Ray"-- however, I actually liked WTL better. Too bad Cash wasn't better understood and appreciated when he was alive and younger. He's very hip now. If you type keyword "Rockabilly" in Amazon or just about anywhere else, Johnny Cash is the top result.

He used to be some old Country Western guy with a shakey voice.

Check out "Site-Build it" by Ken Evoy. They're supposed to help you build a site from scratch, get it SEO'd and configured for marketing. You'll probably ultimately wanna sell your art, t-shirts, etc. They have the whole package, tools and support.

ps Glad your health improving!!!

Sebastien Millon said...

Yeah, Cash is amazing, I thought he was pretty well appreciated in his life time?

Hey, thanks for the info for building a site. I'll be checking it out. Thanks for the email by the way, I'll be responding a little later!

M said...

This page on Will-Harris' site is pretty informative, along with the links he gives: Good luck with your art site!

WAT said...

Joaquin Phoenix's performance as Johnny Cash is nothing short of brilliant. I really felt he brought back Johnny Cash back to life in this film.

You are correct about Joaquin being a very intense individual. He apparently suffers from anxiety everytime he makes a film, and never watches his completed films. He seems to have profound issues which translate to brilliant acting in film.

He's got it in his genes. His late brother River proved this.

Sebastien Millon said...

Mariana: Thanks for that link...looks good!

WAT: That's fascinating about Joaquin, how he suffers the anxiety before making movies, but it's really not all that surprising.

I didn't have much doubt that there's probably a lot going on in his head!

MrManuel said...

You might want to try I know a lot if people make their shirts there and then sell them directly from that site.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered whether that scar on his lip is from a repaired cleft palate??

Unknown said...

Since when are you Suns fan dude? Lakers beat Suns and Kobe wasn't even playing. My darkhorse to win the championship is Houston- Yao's gonna be better than Shaq this year. peace, Chris.

Sebastien Millon said...

Mrmanuel: Thanks so much for the tip, cafepress looks like a great site for doing all sorts of things.

Sonja: Hmmmm, quite possible, I don't know much about those kind of things. I always liked imagining he got it in a knife fight... but I think you're right.

Chris: Yeah, my PAcers have really bummed me out the past couple years, ever since Reggie left I don't dig them as much, plus the thug aspect tires me out a bit. The Suns are exciting to watch, and I'm in Phoenix, a match made in heaven!

Anonymous said...

I'd go with CafePress. My husband's old company used them.

I have a friend who is an artist. Her website is: but it looks like it's down right now. Keep checking back so you can see how she's done it. She has her portfolio online. She's an unbelievable artist.

Sebastien Millon said...

Thanks Helen! I'll check out your friend's site. Good to hear all these things about Cafepress, I'm definitely leaning towards using it.

Anonymous said...

I think the t-shirt idea is a good initiative, and I'm glad that you're feeling well enough to start thinking about these things!

Sebastien Millon said...

Hey Frenchy! Thanks, hopefully I can keep feeling well enough to come up with ideas and work on them!