Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hornets From Hell, a Letter From Japan, and the Hanshin Tigers

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday but I felt so much better because of two things:

First off, I saw part of this show on tv, it was called 'Hornet's From Hell.' Any show that helps expand my ludicrous fears of hornets has to be great. And sure enough, this show was classic. It was filmed in a horror movie like manner, making these hornets seem incredibly evil and demonic. Look, being melodramatic and sensationalist, all in the name of frightening the crap out of the public, that's what I call great entertainment while also serving the public interest. I'm sorry to report that I didn't make it through the hornets of hell extravaganza, it was on late at night and I just faded too quickly... I just hope that the people in charge of the tv world are smart enough to rebroadcast this miraculous, marvellously insane, fear-inducing show.

Anyways, it just so happens that these giant hellacious hornets from hell are from Japan. And guess what...

Yesterday I got a letter from Japan! How cool is that? There is nothing better than getting a letter from a friend, even moreso if it's from somewhere like Japan. I'm going to mail my friend something very specific, hopefully they like it. I can't give it away in this post because I don't want to spoil the surprise for my friend.

Another note, relating to Japan. My new favorite hat is this Hanshin Tigers baseball cap I recently dug up from my closet. Someday I will reveal the secret as to how and why I own a Hanshin Tigers baseball cap, but for now I will leave you in the darkness of mystery.


WAT said...

Look at the size of that thing! MY GOD! IS THAT A REAL HORNET?! WOW!

Japan sounds like such a fascinating country. I hope and pray to brave the 16 million hour flight some day and visit this magnificent sounding place.

M said...

:D You should host one of those "That's Incredible!" type of shows! Btw, I love the picture of the hornet. Not that I would love having it near me, but it is beautiful in its way.

Anonymous said...

I'm allergic to bees so the pulsating butt of a bee runs chills down my spine. (shudder)

Anonymous said...

Hornets are the bastard step-children of Satan himself.

Nuke the little F*ckers! Nuke 'em all back to daddy hot domain I ssy!

Unknown said...

At least the Hornets aren't big or anything.

If I got a letter from Godzilla, that would be cool.

Sebastien Millon said...

WAT: Yeah it's freakin' huge! Japan is such a cool country, and they have a fascinating culture.

Mariana: No way, I'd be all spastic running around the place, yelling and yipping and being completely crazy. Maybe that would work!
I think that's what's so mesmerizing about these creatures, they are beautiful and intricately designed, yet they are so dangerous!

Helen: I'm sensitive to bees too, so I understand that chill. But for me it's a chill mixed with glee, odd no?

DB: Nuclear weapons are always a solid option!

Omninaif: Yeah, hornets, we don't need to worry about them (actually I really don't need to, I don't think there are any around here!).
A letter from Godzilla! Life would complete after such a thing.