Friday, August 18, 2006

Artist: George Tooker

Here's a post on another artist I love. His name is George Tooker, he's quite a famous 20th century American painter. He works in tempera, and achieves a beautiful mastery of the medium. His works are ethereal, haunting, and in terms of workmanship, really superior. Definitely need to see his paintings in the flesh. I include this link for a short bio on Tooker. This site has a variety of interesting links on Tooker.


Anonymous said...

I agree... George Tooker is amazing. One of the most profound surrealist artists of all time in my opinion. He does tend to show the world in a very "cold" way though.

Also, the best resource for information or online painting images of his work is probably at

It's highly organized and each site has a review so you know exactly what's on the page you're going to click on.

Sebastien Millon said...

Thanks for the link Josh! I will check it out.