Sunday, August 20, 2006

Remembering to be happy because...

1. Sports. Since I've been sick I've loaded up on sports viewing like I never could before. Too bad I don't really care about sports anymore, but the entertainment value is still decent. Currently the basketball segment of this summer's World Championships is taking place. Games are broadcast live, unfortunately that seems to be 2am here.

2. I'm in the midst of a couple of good books.

3. I have some friends in town. Unfortunately my hands are somewhat tied in terms of hanging out.

4. I will get better. I will be productive again!

5. I'm discovering all the resources the internet has to offer. And no, no, no, that does not mean porn.

6. We have just acquired a bunch of Bruce Lee movies.

7. I discovered a bunch of Blind Date episodes on youtube.

8. My dog is still alive!

9. I'm better than before. Slowly but surely.

10. Things can always be worse. I know that sounds a bit morbid, but I mean it in the best way possible. As in, count your blessings.

11. Last, but most importantly, my sister is in town!


Anonymous said...

I've been rediscovering the joys of "Blind Date" myself. And I was ecstatic to track down an episode of "Cheaters" the other night on Spike TV. The joys of insomnia!

What books are you reading?

Sebastien Millon said...

Cheaters?? I'm going to have to check that out. Sounds like a very, very guilty pleasure.

I started reading this book my dad got for me, L'ete by Camus. Seems good so far, I haven't read any of this sort of literature in a while, brings back some memories.

And the other book is La Guerra Del Fin Del Mundo(War of the End of the World) by Mario Vargas Llosa. It's pretty good, lots of action, historical fiction, good pacing. I'm a big fan of pace, if something doesn't have good pacing, I usually can't get into it.