Friday, August 25, 2006

Movie: Les Felins and other things

Today I got to hang out with a really good friend who's in town for a little while. I didn't feel too tired overall, so that was a nice time.

Clear and Present Danger was on earlier in the day, I really wanted to watch that, but instead I spent my time reading. Damn, what a waste right? I only got to see the part where they blow up the drug dealer's house. I wanted to see the part where those guys on the roof pop out of nowhere and start launching rockets. Cool stuff. I've never seen the whole movie, I doubt it's all that amazing, but for some reason I think I'd really dig it.

Later, I watched part of this old French movie, Les Felins. I thought it might be decent, it has Alain Delon in it who I usually enjoy. But this movie was bad, just really heavy-handed, lots of silliness, but not in a good way. No redeeming qualities, except it had some good looking women in bikinis. That is it. Throw in some rocket launchers and drug dealers and maybe I'll mark it up a notch in my book.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, the part where the four white suburbans get pulverized by the rocket launchers is incredible. How could you miss a scene like that? Especially to READ a book? It sounds to me like you are just being too productive.