Monday, August 14, 2006

Zugzwang, Panglossian, Weltschmerz: Three Awesome Words I've Come Across Lately

I love the Economist. Now I know that probably isn't the coolest thing to say, but I love reading it right before going to bed. You know what's great about it? The fact that I run across crazy words like zugzwang and panglossian in their articles. I feel like I'm finding more and more reasons to like the British. I like their magazines, their pretentious music tastes(but they do have great music over there), their sense of humor and comedians, their literature, and I wish I could say their food, but that is probably reserved for the true anglophiles.

I don't know where I ran across the word weltschmerz, and I'm not sure if I would be impressed or seriously annoyed if someone used that in a conversation with me. Probably depends on the person. All I know is the next person that uses that in a conversation with me, I'm going to give them $10 on the spot just for surprising me.

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