Tuesday, August 08, 2006


So, I have to admit that I have been enjoying the Spongebob cartoon lately. Only now have I realized this could be a big problem for my sexuality, and for many other people and children like me who enjoy the cartoon.

I was interested and surpised that in my internet surfing I somewhere somehow stumbled upon a whole pile of crazy accusations that Spongebob is gay, will make you gay, and is a gay icon or something. Now, I won't lie, Spongebob does have some little mannerisms that are iffy, but hell, he's a cartoon character, so what, what if he is gay?

Kind of reminds me of the accusations that Bugs Bunny is gay. Someone vehemently told me this a little while back, and I have to admit I was surprised, I'd never thought about cartoon characters' sexuality before that moment, so this double whammy of both Spongebob and Bugs struck me as a cosmic coincidence.

Hilarious. I understand wondering if a hot person that you are interested in is gay, you know, because that could actually mean something to you in terms of hooking up. But a cartoon??? At least we live in a pretty weird place, where things are so topsy turvy and kind of crazy that we can be interested in very mundane silly things pretty much all the time. The saddest thing to me is turning on the tv news, I can't help but see how the news media masquerades as a purveyor of facts but is in fact such a circus and ratings monster that you're likely to glean more valuable information glueing your eyes to a channel like E or ESPN than CNN or Fox News. Thank you, and now if you will allow me, I will be getting off my high horse.

I love the irony of my writing such a post.

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