Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finance This Film Idea

I tell you, if I had the right connections, I would be going after the money to shoot and direct a movie like this: Snakes on Cocaine. This series would be huge, I'm having amazing visions of future sequels...Snakes in the Hood, Snakes vs. The Leprechaun, etc., etc.

Unfortunately I think it's going to take a lot more sequels for snakes to really move up on my things to fear list. I suppose in terms of the animal list they are currently in fifth place, which is actually pretty shoddy considering how vicious and crazy snakes can be. Sharks, crocodiles, scorpions, and hornets are all above. Sharks deservedly have the top spot, since they have had insane media exposure. At this point, any person who can take a dip in their pool without thinking of huge terrifying man-eating sharks, well I would consider you insane, immunized to fear, or you live in a cave and don't watch enough tv. More media exposure of crazy snakes(and no, one movie will not do it), and I promise you they will rise higher on my list.

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