Friday, August 04, 2006

Switching gears, great story, guard dog goes berserk!!!

The British. You gotta love them. Only they could give us such a wonderful story as this.

Which reminds me of the time my dog ripped apart most of our nice furniture and carpets. I didn't think it was a such a big deal, but I knew my mom would. This is the devil in me: The best part was knowing how angry my mom was going to be. I think that's the time where it's hardest to suppress your laughter, when you know somebody's insane rage is going to explode when they find out about whatever ridiculous event has taken place(as long as you are not the guilty party) and you are pretty certain that the miscreant won't suffer serious consequences for the offense. So, this whole episode was funny enough because we still got to keep the dog.

Always remember that there's nothing funnier than authority figures taking themselves so seriously and unleashing ridiculous tirades.

An extreme close-up of my buddy and me.

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Anonymous said...

Your dog looks so cute in that shot! But, yeah that was a funny article. It just makes me laugh, picturing the whole thing. I can't believe there is a teddy bear worth $900 000. Crazy...