Monday, August 28, 2006

What's up celebrities?

Ok. I'm going to admit it. I'm seriously pissed. Other than the Tom Cruise thing the past couple of days(which I think was kind of lame anyways), the going's been a bit slow with celebrity news. Can we just have one awesome insane incident, like, right NOW!? What the hell are the celebrities doing? Have they become so domesticated, sipping their orange mocha frappuchinos that they forgot how to do all the awful things that make them great? Here I am, not feeling too well, with the knowledge that a terrible celebrity scandal would totally make my day. Now, I do feel it in my bones, I know there is something coming, something really crazy, weird, something so outlandish and hilarious that we will never again be able to forsake said celebrities' movies and products from here on in to the end of our days. This crazy incident is in the air.

Nonetheless, the lack of publicly released sex videos, documented outbursts and threats against various cultures, and rehab stints due to massive intakes of drugs and alchohol is, well, it's surprising and disappointing. Celebs get a boatload of money so they have free time to entertain us with their antics, don't let them forget it. As you chastise them for their antics, always remember to secretly thank them and keep paying to watch their movies and buy their tell-all autobiographies. They need that money to keep supporting their scandal filled leisure lives. Oh American celebrities, your scandals and ridiculousness are unrivalled and unparalleled in the modern era. Thank you for pushing the envelope.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't believe how they've hammered Cruise, who seems pretty clean-cut and focused. A few other celebs could have jumped on Oprah's couch, i.e. Mario Cantone or Robin Williams, and nobody would have been phased. So, he "scolds" Brooke Shields for how she handles depression-- so what. Imagine a Comedy Central Roast of Brooke Shields... or a CCR of anyone for that matter. Are we too sensitive or too numb-- which is it?

The only thing going on now, is whether or not we all should believe that Mel Gibson is sincerely sorry...

ps Lot's of good posts! You must be feeling better!!

Sebastien Millon said...

Thanks for the comments! Oh man, I think the worst of all these things has to be Mel Gibson. Haven't Jews suffered enough???

As for myself, it's still difficult, but I find much solace in celebrity news!

poppedculture said...

I think celebs should do without the publicists and media handlers who clean them up and hide their foibles. Unvarnished stars - now that would be entertainment!